Nevis Culturama Festival Press Release

Charlestown, Nevis, April 12, 2022 — To mark the 100th-day countdown to the start of Nevis’ Culturama Festival 2022, the Nevis  Culturama Committee is today releasing the calendar of core events for Culturama 48. The core events are those that are being organized by the Culturama Central Committee and include the  Culturama 48 Wet Fete, the Art, Craft and Food Fair, the Junior and Senior Kaiso Contests, the  Soca Monarch Contest, Poets in the Square, the Mr. and Ms. Talented Youth Pageant, the Ms. 

Culture Swimwear and Mr. Kool Contests, the Ms. Culture Queen Pageant, Emancipation Jump Up, the Junior and Senior Street Parades and the Last Lap Jump Up. New to the calendar of events for Culturama 48 is the Night of Steel (Steel Pan Fete) and Culcha Pot which was staged as part of the virtual celebration of Culturama 47 in 2021. 

Several fringe activities would also form part of the exciting calendar of events for Culturama 48.  Culturama patrons and lovers at home and in the diaspora are therefore encouraged to stay tuned to the Culturama Social Media platforms in the coming weeks for the full release of the official calendar of activities for Culturama 48. 

Culturama 48 would be celebrated from July 21st to August 2nd 2022 under the theme “Fete and  Celebrate, Nevis Culturama 48!

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