Nevis’ Culture Minister Hon. Mark Brantley Calls for Participation in Culturama 41

(ZIZ News) – Nevis’ Minister of Culture, Hon. Mark Brantley, wants Nevisians to enjoy and participate in the Caribbean’s greatest summer lime: Nevis Culturama Festival.

Minister Brantley told hundreds of Nevisians at last week’s contestants launch that the festival can only be successful with their input.

He said, “At the end of the day, the shows, the Culturama Festival, is only as good as you make it. This is our show, our thing, our Culturama. It belongs to us and I want you to own it, I want you to participate in it and I want you most of all to have fun.”

Minister Brantley also publicly thanked the members of this year’s committee, saying he is grateful for the work they do behind the scenes that many people do not see.

“We try very hard every year to bring you entertainment, bring you culture, bring you a demonstration of the very best that NEVIS has to offer and I’m very happy to be associated with Culturama,” the minister stated.

Culturama 41 will run from July 23rd to August 4th.

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