Nevis’ first premier in CSS hall of fame

(ZIZ)–Nevisians, Sir Dr. Simeon Daniel, Sir Joseph N. France and Elquemedo Willett were among 11 persons listed in the Charlestown secondary school library and media centre’s hall of fame which was unveiled at the school last week.

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory lauded the school’s teacher librarians for their efforts.

He said, “Too often it appears that we are willing to forget the past and the people who made the sacrifice to lay those foundations on which we must build.”

The Teacher librarians also identified Sir Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw, Sir C. A. Paul Southwell, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Kofi Annan and Bob Marley as persons they felt were worthy to be honoured for their contribution to the development of the black race both locally and internationally.

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