Nevis Medical and Dental Association launched

Doctors and dentists in Nevis have officially established an independent Nevis chapter of the St. Kitts and Nevis medical and dental association known as Nevis Medical and Dental Association (NEVMDA).

The Nevis chapter, which comprises of twenty six doctors and dentists met on October 26 to elect officers of the new association.

The executive body includes Chairperson -Dr. Glenville Liburd, Vice Chair – Dr. Chleo Smithen-Romany, Secretary – Dr. Duanna Pemberton, Treasurer – Dr. Michelle Lawrence and Public Relations Officer – Dr. Earline Pemberton.

Chairman Liburd explained why this chapter was established.

Well it’s a matter of getting participation, a matter of logistics and being able to effectively function as a corporate body. We are in Nevis which is a completely different jurisdiction to St. Kitts in so many different ways which as we recognize over the years in the evolution of governance of the two islands and so this is just part of that evolutionary process….”

He also explained that the aim of the association is to be a forum for common issues affecting the medical and dental profession as well as health services for the public.

Dr. Liburd said that the NEVMDA will continue to be closely affiliated with the St. Kitts -Nevis Medical and Dental Association chapter.

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