Nevis Minister of Agriculture Launches 7th Annual Agriculture Awareness Month

(ZIZ NEWS)– The Ministry of Agriculture on Nevis is continuing its duty of highlighting the important role of the agriculture sector on Nevis with the hosting of the 7th Annual Agriculture Awareness Month throughout May.

In an address to launch the month on Wednesday Minister of Agriculture in the NIA, Hon. Alexis Jeffers spoke of the significance of this year’s theme.

He noted that in addition to having safe food we have to ensure that the food we produce has the nutritional requirements for our consumers.

Minister Jeffers commended the technicians at the Department of Agriculture for their efforts in implementing and transferring production techniques to combat climate change.

He also called on members of the general public to support the Ministry and Department in the activities to be held throughout the month.

These activities will include the launch of a programme to plant 500 fruit trees across the island, training sessions for farmers and a partnership between the government and local restaurants to host what has been dubbed “Eat Local Thursdays,” where for $25 or less you can get a 100 percent local meal for lunch.

Minister Jeffers said during Agriculture Awareness Month the finale is normally the Pork Festival, but this year the concept had been expanded to host a Meatfest which aims to make local meat and meat processed products available.

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