Nevis Youth Minister Evelyn raises toast in honour of Mother Earth

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (April 26, 2021) — Hon. Eric Evelyn, Minister of Youth in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) led members of the Department of Youth in a toast at the Artisan Village on Thursday, April 22. 2021, in honour of Mother Earth on Earth Day. The exercise formed part of Youth Month activities during the month of April with the theme “Restore the Earth.”

Mr. Evelyn who is also the Federal Minister of the Environment, while raising the toast noted that the department’s celebration of Earth Day was different this year to continue to encourage persons to take care of the earth.

“The earth belongs to us. The earth is our home, and as we take care of our individual homes that we live in we must endeavour to take care of Mother Earth. Mother Earth is the one that sustains lives and livelihoods and so I would like to propose a toast to Mother Earth.

“I propose a toast that we continue to take care of Mother Earth. I propose a toast that because of taking care of Mother Earth we will have cleaner, fresher air, more wholesome and healthy vegetables and products that we eat and of course cleaner and unpolluted drinking water, and most of all a clean and safe environment for all. So I propose a toast to Mother Earth. May we continue to keep it clean and healthy and may we all do our part for Mother Earth today and tomorrow,” he said.

Ms. Kerdis Clarke, Director of Youth urged young people to play their part in caring for the environment.

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