Nevisian govt officials visit her Majesty’s Prison

(ZIZ News) — Inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison were given the opportunity to interact with Nevisian government officials as part of the activities for Youth Month 2016.

Nevis’ Minister Responsible for Youth the Hon. Hazel Brandy Williams said with the awareness that there are persons incarcerated who fall into the youth category, the ministry felt it necessary to involve them in the month’s activities.

She said, “We decided that because we have so many programmes geared towards those on the outside, we felt that the onus is on us to come and speak with residents here as well so that they too can feel part of the whole celebration of youth month.”

According to the Youth Minister the discussion with the inmates focussed on being positive leaders, the importance of becoming entrepreneurs and volunteerism.

She noted the success of the visit, stating that the discussion was lively and interactive stating, “We had a very healthy conversation. A number of persons asked very pressing questions and it is for us as a government to look at those questions and take them seriously. All in all there were excellent questions and i was able to field most of the questions.”

Superintendent of Her Majesty’s Prison, Junie Hodge commended Minister Brandy-Williams for involving the inmates in the month’s activities and encouraged anyone with a positive message to follow suit.

“I must commend the minister and her team for a job well done and really echoing my sentiments in terms of rehabilitation. Anyone who would come with positive messages to the residents, I welcome because all of us must play a part in the rehabilitation process of the residents here,” he stated.

Minister Brandy Williams and her colleagues were also treated to live music from the Rehabilitation Group Impression Band which recently performed at the Nevis Blues Festival.

The theme for Youth Month 2016 is “Youth Lead, Not Tomorrow, Today”.

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