Nevisian Scholarship Awardee Appreciative Of Opportunity To Study Graphic Design In Romania

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January 13, 2020) — Miss Kianna Lawrence of Nisbett Settlement in Newcastle, Nevis, says she is proud to be the first Nevisian awarded a scholarship to study in Romania.


The scholarship was awarded by the Romanian Government to pursue studies in Graphic Design at the West University of Timisoara. Ms. Lawrence expressed appreciation for the opportunity to further her studies.


“I am a proud recipient of the Romanian Scholarship which affords me the opportunity to pursue a Bachelors’ Degree in Graphic Design at the West University of Timisoara. I am both humbled and ecstatic to be one of the first recipients of this Romanian Scholarship as I have always dreamt of studying in Europe.


“Europe is known for its architecture and design, hence gaining knowledge and experience from this region would be a steppingstone in advancing my career. Research is an open door to success, however, to be successful you must take advantage of every opportunity that can help you achieve your goal,” she said.


The scholarship recipient also urged others to take advantage of opportunities to advance their career goal.


“Many persons have asked me ‘why are you going so far?’ My simple reply is ‘the USA is also far.’ Never turn down an opportunity to achieve your goals, regardless of how far you must go to achieve them. Trust in God and he will direct your path,” she said.


Ms. Lawrence was awarded the scholarship by the Romanian state through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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