Nevisians go to the polls

ZIZ NEWSROOM, Basseterre, July 11, 2011 – Today was the big day in Nevis. Election Day, as thousands of Nevisians went out to cast their votes.

Over the past few weeks candidates for both the Concerned Citizens’ Movement and the incumbent Nevis Reformation Party have been very active securing votes from resident Nevisians and returning nationals.

Today the campaigning will be paying off for one party as the respective candidates compete for seats.

The voting has been described as civil with no reports of any disturbances.

Here’s a breakdown of the candidates. In Nevis 1 it’s Michael Perkins of the CCM vs Robelto Hector of the NRP. Nevis 2: Mark Brantley vs Hensley Daniel. Nevis 3: Vance Amory vs Patricia Hanley. Nevis 4: Alexis Jeffers vs Patrice Nisbett. And in Nevis 5: Keith Scarborough vs Joseph Parry.

With a large influx of Nevisians living overseas, the returning national vote has been described as the deciding factor in many of the constituencies.

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