New Courses Offered at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College

LesroyWilliams-1(ZIZ News) – The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) has expanded its list of courses and is now offering degrees in two non-traditional areas.

Students can now pursue degrees in the Performing Arts and Business Development.

Chairman of the CFBC’S Communication Unit, Lesroy Williams, spoke with ZIZ News about the new courses.

He said, “The Division of Arts and General Studies have introduced the Performing Arts at the advanced level, CAPE, and also entrepreneurship. Those are two new courses that young people who are interested in starting businesses, and those who are interested in dancing, or anything in the performing arts, they can benefit from these courses.”

Williams said the Performing Arts courses will also focus on the business side of the arts.

“They will look at things like intellectual property rights and that sort of thing, seeing the performing arts as a business. So they will look at aspects of business, business studies and so on with respect to these courses,” he explained.

Williams said anyone interested in these new courses can call the college at 465-2856 for more information.

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