New Horizons Easter Programme

NewHorizonRehabCenterA(ZIZ)– Friday wrapped up a two-week programme for residents of the New Horizons Rehabilitation Centre for Juveniles aimed at developing vocational and community oriented disciplines.

It included training in agricultural science, business administration, construction, electrical engineering, hair and beauty, masonry, music, plumbing, and pottery.

New Horizons Director, Adele Williams, says the programme is part of the centre’s focus on rehabilitation, which is supported by the over 7 million dollar Juvenile Justice Reform Project, a joint initiative of the OECS and the United States Agency for International Development.

Williams said many of the children that end up there have lacked structure, parenting and understanding of basic morals of right and wrong because they have not been been taught to them. She said they’re hoping to break that pattern and help to give them a different mindset.

New Horizons’ policies, operational procedures and curriculum were developed through research done at the University of The West Indies and is being used as a model institution for other OECS member states.

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