New marijuana legislation

Prime minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris has announced several developments regarding marijuana use and related laws.


During Wednesday’s session of parliament, the Prime Minister said anyone caught with 15 grams or less or 5 plants or less will not have a criminal charge only a ticketable offence.

Anyone already convicted of having 15 grams or less or 5 plants or less will have their convictions expunged.

However, the use of cannabis in public will be strictly prohibited and subject to harsh criminal sanctions

There will also be laws introduced to prohibit driving under the influence of cannabis

The Prime Minister also noted that the drugs act will be amended to develop a medical cannabis industry and allow use for medicinal purposes.

He added that the health sector will be boosted to include counselling and treatment to ensure care of anyone adversely affected.

Regarding marijuana and minors, the Prime Minister said use or sale to anyone under 18 years would be strictly prohibited and have criminal penalties and there will be a massive public education campaign including in the school curriculum.

These decisions come after the federal cabinet received the final report of the national cannabis commission after 15 months of consultations.

The Prime Minister however noted that this is only the first phase as the national commission did not agree to use for religious or recreational use and those matters will have to be further considered.

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