New Novel takes Women on a Journey of Self-discovery

Gardenia Destang

Basseterre, 16 January 2013 – Women now have a new character to which they can, not only relate to, but also identify with as they struggle to define themselves.

Terri Williams has built a perfect life by any standard, yet, something inside her gnaws at her soul, and now she wants more!

Set in Atlanta, this blend of romance, comedy, and drama follows thirty-one-year-old Terri Williams, a professional African-American woman who seems to have it all.

To complicate the issues, she is haunted by romantic memories of the past. Terri will find the gumption she needs to change her course in life and pursue the career she has always kept up on a shelf. To change the world, she realizes she will first need to change herself. A tale of enduring love, betrayal, trust, and the bonds of friendship and family, Becoming Me is an engrossing read of self-discovery.

Written by a Caribbean Author, St Lucian, Gardenia Destang, this epic tale of parental bonds stretches beyond Atlanta to take in tropical Florida, big-city Chicago, and the Caribbean delights of Jamaica. Follow this newly empowered woman as she travels the road to “Becoming Me” and find yourself.

According to Gardenia “Life is a journey and as we move along its path, we experience the need for change and growth, though at times terrifying, when you follow through, you find yourself in a contented place, you become YOU.” It is Destang’s wish that those who read this book, her first, will be motivated to find their passion and strength for “Becoming Me.”

Gardenia Destang has worked as an HIV counselor and program director. She is known for screen plays and the first local television mini-series “Heartstrings” an eight, 30 minute episode romantic drama on the issues of HIV and great love, for which she was the writer, producer, and director. She also wrote, directed, and co-produced the well known play “Do you Know Damien” a two-2 hour 15 minute full production. Gardenia lives on St Kitts with her husband and their two children.

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