New Online Training Modality Utilized For Pre-Service Training

Basseterre: St. Kitts, July 15, 2020 (SKN Education Media Unit):​ Coordinator of the Pre-Service Training Workshop for prospective teachers, Mr. Francil Morris says that days into the start of the sessions things have been going considerably well.

Mr. Morris revealed in a speech to participants on Monday that this new online approach to pre-service training which has become necessary due to Covid 19 protocols, would not impede the training process. He added that it should be taken as an opportunity to utilize technology as a teaching and learning tool in keeping with global trends.

This initial pre-service training programme is intended to whet the appetite of prospective teachers as they seek to develop competencies of an efficient and effective teacher. For two weeks, training sessions will take place using a blended approach with most of the sessions conducted virtually,” Mr. Morris said.

Naturally,” Mr. Morris added, “Participants would be expected to be present at all sessions and to keep their cameras on as well as to dress professionally just as if they were attending sessions at an official venue.”

Chief Education Officer Dr. Debbie Isaac said she anticipates the main objectives of preservice training will be met while at the same time affording candidates the opportunity to receive a realistic job preview.

She added that it would give the Ministry of Education an opportunity to improve the capacity of schools by attracting, and retaining talented, enthusiastic, and dedicated teachers.

Among training objectives is: instilling trainees with the right attitude to become knowledgeable; ensuring a high-quality education for the Federation’s children.

At the end of the two-week period, each prospective teacher will be interviewed at the Advanced Vocation and Educational Centre (AVEC) and subsequently informed whether they were successful at joining the teaching profession .

at an official venue.

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