New Prime Minister takes office in the Bahamas

Prime Minister Perry Christie and Governor-General Sir Arthur Foulkes (BIS Photo)

May 9, 2012 — By the Caribbean Journal staff — Perry Christie has been sworn in as the Bahamas’ Prime Minister for the second time, following a ceremony Tuesday afternoon at Government House.

Christie, who also led the country from 2002 to 2007, will lead a government boasting a significant majority in Parliament.

“The voice of the people was heard yesterday with great thunder and awesome power,” Christie said. “I am humbled by the mandate that has thus been bestowed upon me.”

The new Prime Minister said he would “exert every effort” to alleviate the problem of joblessness and lack of opportunity among the country’s youth.

“It will not be easy, but of this you can be assured, this new government will not tire from its labours until it has fulfilled its commitment to you,” he said. He also thanked the voters of his Centreville constituency.

Christie said he would announce the first of his ministerial appointments Wednesday, and his entire cabinet would be assembled by Friday.

His transition team is headed by former Attorney General Sam McWeeney, QC, and he has proposed the appointment of Wendell Major as the new Acting Cabinet Secretary.

“There are many barriers, and may the great people of our country assist us as we now set upon the urgent task of making our country safe and prosperous for all its people,” Christie said.

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