New Road Park to Bring All Ages Together

(ZIZ)–Project Coordinator of the New Road Family Park, Peter Jenkins says one of the significant benefits of this new venture is that it will bring together various age groups in the community.

He was speaking at the Park’s groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday.

“The park will cater to the growing needs of toddlers, early childhood students, children and seniors.  Interestingly, it would also allow all ages to meet and enjoy our beautiful country in this special location,” he said.

Describing the elderly as treasures, Resident Taiwanese, his Excellency Miguel Tsao reemphasized the importance of having a space for all ages to meet.

He said, “What we’re doing here, coordinating with the government of St. Kitts and Nevis, is to set the Family Park as nurturing for the young children and preserving our treasures. It goes without saying that the construction of the park will benefit all.”

The park will include play areas for children, rest areas and a gym for adults and will also feature LED lighting provided by the Republic of China, Taiwan.

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