New Salvation Army Team Stationed in St. Kitts

Major Roxroy and Majorie Campbell

Basseterre, St Kitts; 3 September 2012: The newly designated two-member head of the Salvation Army on St. Kitts, with their focus on mission and objectives of this registered charitable organization are set and ready to have a good working relationship during their two-year work stay.

The husband and wife team, Majors Roxroy and Marjorie Campbell, who are originally from Jamaica, along with their three (3) children, arrived on the island on Wednesday, 18 July 2012. The family came here from Trinidad and Tobago where they had been working for the past three (3) years.

Majors Roxroy and Marjorie Campbell have served in the Salvation Army for 23 and 35 years respectively. With that many years devoted to the Organization, both, expectedly, have worked in various positions and countries.

Major Majorie has been the Divisional Secretary for the local Organization body, second in command, to the Head of the Salvation Army in the Western Jamaica Division; as well as in Trinidad and Guyana. Major Roxroy, on the other hand, has served as Administrator, pastor of churches and institutions and recently Divisional Youth Secretary in the youth ministry in Trinidad before going back to Jamaica. Both Majors have served in Trinidad twice for three (3) years each time and on the last occasion Major Roxroy was the Disaster and Emergency Relief Co-ordinator in Trinidad.

“Trinidad and Tobago is a Division that embraces Grenada and St. Vincent and Grenadines. St.Kitts is part of the Division that embraces St. Martin and Antigua, which is where the headquarters is located. So we have Divisional Command over these islands,” Major Roxroy disclosed.

He gave some historical background of The Salvation Army.

“Of course you know The Salvation Army is a symbol of an army but we are still The Salvation Army, a branch of the world-wide church. When Reverend William Booth was chided about heading a ‘volunteer’ army back in 1865 when the Army started in the east end of London, he said we are not a ‘volunteer’ army, we are a Salvation Army. In other words our business is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and also to serve the needs of others in His name. So that is how we got the name Salvation Army and that has been our calling ever since 1865,” Major Roxroy stated.

The majors are in charge of the church and pre-school and Major Roxroy also works in the community as Acting Probation Officer. Major Majorie will assist in the Prison Chaplaincy Ministry for both men and women. The Majors will offer spiritual ministry and counseling and will assist persons in need of food and clothing.

In addition, if there is an emergency or disaster, the Salvation Army will work along with National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Red Cross with whatever resources gathered locally whether financial or material, as well as resources from outside of St. Kitts, for example, from Antigua. In instances where the resources demand is overwhelming then the Jamaica office will be contacted and through that office the International Headquarters in London for assistance in recovery during disasters and emergencies.

Major Roxroy said “Jamaica has a Missing Persons Contact Ministry and wherever we operate in the Caribbean, if there are missing persons, we channel enquiries to the Jamaican office or we can send them directly to Canada or the United States of America in order to assist various families with connecting with their members”.

Major Marjorie spoke about the charitable work of The Salvation Army which she said has over eight (8) programmes which involve assisting senior citizens and individuals with home problems. “We have a wide ministry in the area of welfare”, she said. “We are looking forward to working with Kittitians. We are happy to be here. We are a Caribbean people and a Jamaican people and that is very important as we are in a CARICOM (Caribbean Community) setting and Commonwealth setting, so we can work with each other to the best of our abilities,” Major Majorie said.

She went on to say that the Salvation Army has an open door policy. “We help everybody. There is no discrimination where The Salvation Army is concerned in relation to age, religion, creed, culture. All these things are put aside as we use the popular phrase, ‘where there is a need, there is The Salvation Army,'” she commented.

Major Roxroy advised that when assigned to a country, normally a needs assessment survey is done to identify issues that can be taken onboard and where assistance can be given. This may include HIV/AIDS, homelessness and other social issues. “Wherever we work, we are in touch with other persons who have their fingers on the pulse of the nation to see what needs there are and where The Salvation Army can assist,” he explained.

Major Roxroy talked about the kind of relationship they are looking forward to having while working here. “We work with the rest of The Salvation Army in Antigua and Jamaica, churches or any NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) even to establish a centre or to work with other persons because, for example, in other places like Jamaica, the Salvation Army does drug rehabilitation, operates a school for the blind and children’s homes.

So while we are here, if the opportunity presents itself whereby we can partner with the Government or any other organizations, locally or internationally, to set up programmes to be run by The Salvation Army for the benefit of the country, we will be available” he said.

He said he and his wife have already had the opportunity to meet with a number of civic leaders. They have also met with the Governor General, His Excellency, Sir Cuthbert Sebastian and are awaiting a meeting with the Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Dr Denzil L. Douglas.

“We are here for the long haul. We are not just here to fill a space. We are here because we have a vested interest in the further development of the citizens in this country, without bias…so we really are looking forward to working with various persons who are in leadership , whether in the church or Government or in civic organizations,” Major Roxroy said.

Although Major Roxroy and Majorie Campbell are appointed for two years, their work stay can be extended, if necessary.

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