Newly installed Commissioner of Police visit with Primary school students

ZIZ News…Sept 23 2011 – The students at the Tucker Clarke Primary School were quite thrilled when they received a visit from the Commissioner of Police CG Walwyn on Thursday.

Newly installed Commissioner of Police CG Walwyn visited Class 6A1 after the students had an assignment and one student thought it best to invite the Commissioner so that they could get to know him better.

The assignment was actually on Commissioner Walwyn.

According to the Staff Officer to the Commissioner Inspector Vaughn Henderson, the reception was amazing as the Commissioner took the opportunity to speak to the 10-12 years old about resisting gangs, violence and drugs.

He also told them to make good use of their time and do their homework and to help the slower students in the class.

The queen of the Primary School thanked the Commissioner for taking time out of his very busy schedule to meet with them.

Meanwhile the Principal of the Tucker Clarke Primary School Mr. Sylvester Charles conveyed to the Commissioner of Police C.G. Walwyn the sincerest appreciation of the staff and pupils for his visit to the Sixth Grade of the school on Thursday.

Charles continued, “We are looking forward to working with the police in molding the young minds of the Federation into positive citizens in our communities”.

The students also took the opportunity to take photographs with the new Commissioner of Police.

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