Newtown Settles for Draw, Cayon Picks Up Win

(ZIZ News) – The opening week of the second round of SKNFA Premier League matches concluded on Tuesday evening with the final two matches.

In the first match, Elco Limited St. Peter’s held Winners Circle Newtown United to a 1-1 draw in front of a packed stadium at Warner Park.

The first goal of the game came in the 73rd minute, when Kevin Benjamin capitalised on a penalty for St. Peter’s.

However, Yohannes Mitchum helped to deny St. Peter’s the victory as he scored the game tying goal in the 3rd minute of added time.

In the second game of the night, Flow 4G Cayon Rockets continued its surprising run in the Premier League, by picking up a win over Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs.

The lone goal of the game came late in the 4th minute of added time, when Crispin Nisbett of the Garden Hotspurs scored an own goal.

The highly competitive match also saw the distribution of five yellow cards and the expulsion of Cayon’s coach George “Yellow Man” Isaac from the bench in the 80th minute.

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