NIA Hoping To Complete Major Road Projects By End Of July

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (July 09, 2020 (Nevis Island Administration) — The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) continues to upgrade the road network on Nevis, and is currently engaged in two major projects which it plans to complete by the end of July 2020.

Hon. Spencer Brand, Minister responsible for Communication and Works, was giving an update of the projects at a recent sitting of the Nevis Island Assembly. He noted that the Public Works Department (PWD) is working in earnest on the Craddock Road Rehabilitation Project and the Brown Hill Road Rehabilitation Project.

“They are presently engaged in two major projects, the Craddock Road Project and the Brown Hill Rehabilitation Project and our schedule at this time is to have both of those projects completed by the end of July. We expect that we will be able to meet those stipulated targets,” he said.

The minister used the opportunity to thank the residents of both communities for their patience and apologized for the disruption caused by the construction.

“I want to use this opportunity to say to the people of both Brown Hill and Craddock Road, I want to thank them for bearing with us. I know that the traffic flow in those areas have been disrupted. There has been some inconvenience, dust and noise, and I just want to say to those persons in those areas how thankful we are for their patience and their understanding while we undertake those two projects,” he said.

Meantime, Mr. Brand acknowledged the demands that have been made for road construction throughout the island. However, he noted that those projects may take longer to commence due to the impact of COVID-19 on the ministry’s limited resources.

“I am fully aware that there have been great demands as it regards to the construction of various roads throughout the length and breadth of Nevis, and while I will not say to the general public that yes, I will get to them next week or next month, we will try and do our very best with the limited resources that we have, and due to COVID-19, once again, even the limited resources have become much more limited, and I would hope that our people would have a sense of appreciation and understanding of the difficulty we are facing at this time,” he said.

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