NIA Water Services Minister Brand welcomes CWWA conference delegates to Nevis

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (October 21, 2019) — Forty-one delegates attending the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) conference in St. Kitts, accepted an invitation from Hon. Spencer Brand, Minister of Water Services in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), to visit the island for a technical tour on October 18, 2019.

In welcome remarks at the Nevisian Heritage Village in Gingerland, where they were treated to a lunch of local cuisine, Mr. Brand thanked them and encouraged them to return to the island to vacation.

“I just want to say how delighted I am to have seen so many of you who would have taken up the offer to come over to Nevis today. I really want to say how delighted we are that you saw it fit to journey over to the island of Nevis. I want to say a very hearty welcome to all of you…

“I hope that in a few months’ time that I will see some of your faces back on the island of Nevis. We have a very open policy and we are, I believe, one of the most hospitable people on earth so you are welcome anytime. Continue to enjoy our island. Continue to have a wonderful tour. Enjoy yourself and Godspeed,” he said.

Meantime, Mr. Brand also used the opportunity to encourage the conference delegates to do all they can moving forward, to ensure a sustainable water resource Caribbean.

“I want us to leave St. Kitts and Nevis reenergised, rejuvenated to do bigger and greater things in water and in waste because I believe that the legacy that we must leave behind at this conference must be one of change, must be one of creativity, must be one of ensuring that these Caribbean islands would be sustainable as it regards to our water resource,” he said.

The tour of Nevis commenced with a visit to the Bath Stream and Bath Hotel, the Water Filtration Site at Hamilton, the Nevisian Heritage Village, the Pump Station at New River Estate and a tour of the mill, the Camps Spring, the Nevisian Artisan Village and Charlestown before departing from the Charlestown Pier.

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