NIP Leaders meet Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts—3rd July, 2013: The leaders of the National Integrity Party (NIP) met with Prime Minister the Right Hon. Denzil Douglas and the Leader of the Opposition in the Federal Assembly, the Hon. Mark Brantley, as part of the NIP’s familiarization exercise with government leaders and civil society.

The meeting with Prime Minister Denzil Douglas was held at Government Headquarters on Thursday 20th June 2013 at 2.30 p.m. and the meeting with Hon. Mark Brantley was held at his Nevis’ office on Thursday 27th June, 2013, at 1.30 p.m. These two visits followed closely on the heels of the courtesy call which was made on His Excellency the Governor General Sir Edmund Lawrence.

The meeting with Prime Minister Douglas was very cordial. The NIP leaders informed Prime Minister Douglas that their party’s role is not only to bring constructive criticism to government with a view to winning an election but also to participate fully in the country’s political, economic and social development. The NIP delegation made certain demands of the Prime Minister including the expeditious hearing of the Motion of No Confidence. Certain recommendations were also made to the Prime Minister including the bestowing of National Hero status on our first prime minister, Sir Kennedy Alphonse Simmonds, and the first premier of Nevis, the late Hon. Dr. Simeon Daniel.

The meeting with the Hon. Mark Brantley was also very cordial and fruitful. The NIP leaders congratulated Mr. Brantley on his recent success at the polls and his appointment as Deputy Premier in the Nevis Island Administration. Mr. Brantley gave assurances of the support of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. He said that he saw his role as not just the leader of the opposition in parliament but also as a spokesperson for opposition parties not represented in the National Assembly.

According to the NIP Deputy Political Leader, Mr. Roy Fleming, the meetings with Prime Minister Douglas and Hon. Mark Brantley gave the NIP an opportunity to share pertinent information about its formation and mission, and also to discuss current political issues in the Federation.

The NIP leaders will continue to meet with the various stakeholders as the strategy encapsulates the party’s policies of good governance and political inclusion.

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