No evidence of illegal wiretapping, says Trinidad national security minister

GaryGriffith-1Port of Spain, Trinidad — Minister of national security, Senator Gary Griffith, has stated that there is no evidence that there is illegal wiretapping by Trinidad and Tobago’s Strategic Services Agency (SSA).

He also noted that should it be proven that any illegal wiretapping activities are in fact taking place or have at any time taken place they will be dealt with.

The SSA is the country’s central co-ordinating agency for the suppression of illicit drug traffic.

Griffith stated that, following the last government’s illegal wiretapping, the current government has implemented stringent measures to ensure that such breaches of privacy do not happen again.

Griffith noted that, if and when this type of activity takes place, it is done under the remit of the law and is done for the protection of citizens and to aid law enforcement officers.

The minister’s statement followed a news story on Tuesday regarding the possibility of unlawful monitoring by members of the SSA of the phones of public officials, media workers and other persons.

Griffith reminded members of the media and the public at large that, under the new legislation, there are specific requirements that must be met before a warrant can be issued to facilitate such activities, and anyone circumventing those measures risks prosecution.

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