Non-Contact Thermometers Donated By NATTA Scholarship Fund

Basseterre, St. Kitts (Natta Memorial Scholarship Fund) – Four educational institutions will now be better equipped to identify and mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus among students, teachers and staff as a result of a donation of thermometers by the William Marcus Natta Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

The Fund this week donated 10 non-contact thermometers to the Tucker-Clarke Primary School, Irishtown Primary School, Newtown Nursery and KeBabies Child Development Centre. As many schools prepare to kick off the new academic year, the safety of children, teachers and school staff is at the forefront of many parents and community concerns. 

“Our Scholarship Fund recognises the complexities of having young children returning to schools during this ongoing pandemic,” noted Scholarship Fund Chair Dr Marcus L Natta. “We believe this small donation of forehead non-contact thermometers can be quite helpful in quickly screening the young students daily. Not only in relation to COVID-19 but medical professionals often attest that a high body temperature is usually a good indicator of various illnesses.”

In receiving the thermometers, school officials expressed their profound thanks to Dr Natta and the Fund’s Board of Trustees for being proactive and generous with the much-needed devices. Principal of the Irish Town Primary School Mrs Avonelle Carey-Fraites said “I was only recently discussing the need for these medical devices as part of our preparations to reopen our school and now we have received this wonderful surprise that is most welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thank you Dr Natta and the Natta Scholarship Fund.”

The William Marcus Natta Memorial Scholarship Fund, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in April this year, has been an ardent supporter of these early learning schools throughout the years. According to Dr Natta, the Scholarship Fund focuses on primary education because it aims to foster early love for learning and believes that the earlier a child receives sound schooling, the better prepared that child becomes for the real world.

The founding committee pioneered the Scholarship Fund at Tucker-Clarke Primary School in 2010 and extended the scholarship to students of the Irishtown Primary School in 2016. Over the past ten years, the Scholarship Fund has given assistance, totalling more than EC$15,000 and has donated over 10,000 educational items to the schools.

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