OAS Seminar Underway

ZIZ News – September 30 2013 — The Organization of American States (OAS) is helping to equip members states in this hemisphere with the tools and knowledge needed to cripple the cultivation and distribution of illegal drugs.

And this week, the organization is placing emphasis on the sale of drugs through the internet.

A seminar is currently ongoing at the St Kitts Marriott resort where international experts are training local authorities to identify and put measures in place to stop the sale of drugs online.

Special advisor to the ministry of national security, Dr Norgen Wilson says there’s information on the internet that even guides persons on how to make drugs.

One of the facilitators, Ziggy Malyniswisky (ma-ly-nis-wisky ) says they are also hoping this seminar will promote inter-agency cooperation.

The seminar is being attended by members of the police force; customs; the ministries of health, youth empowerment and foreign affairs and from the national drug council.

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