OECS environment project tackles flooding issues in Nevis

Lyndon Robertson, coastal resources specialist of the OECS Secretariat

ZIZ Newsroom, Basseterre, St.Kitts, May 29, 2012

An OECS project on issues of climate change is looking at addressing flooding problems in Nevis.

Lyndon Robertson, coastal resources specialist of the OECS Secretariat, told ZIZ news that this issue was specifically requested by disaster preparedness officials in Nevis.

He said “In Nevis there are intermittent streams and when the rain falls heavily, the water from the hillside will rush through the streams and create flash floods. Normally the volume of water is too much for the stream so it would overflow into roads, into private property, and cause damages and threaten human live.”

He says the project would develop a drainage master plan that takes a look at what’s already in place and suggest improvements.

“It would look at from the higher elevations and the reserve areas right down to the coast. The protection of property, life, what should be done, and what should be done differently. So the drainage master plan would inform the next step as to how it should be done and what are the areas that need to be addressed…what drainage system needs to be enhanced and what needs to be done differently.”

The overall project is funded by USAID and covers the entire OECS region.

In St.Kitts the focus is on water conservation and developing a plan for hotels and school to reduce water consumption.

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