OECS launches Business Focus magazine

Castries, St Lucia — Thursday marked the official launch of the OECS Business Focus magazine.

This maiden issue of the publication provides a comprehensive look at economic activities across the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) region covering areas such as youth entrepreneurship, the OECS preparation for the UN climate change conference, the renewable energy sector and business development strategies for small businesses.

The new magazine is hailed as an additional voice for the entrepreneur and the consumer. It also highlights developments in the French territory of Martinique the newest member of the OECS

The OECS Commission expects that over time the magazine will provide comprehensive coverage on economic activity as well as cover developments in critical economic sectors across the single space.

“This initiative presents a significant step in the direction that the OECS Business Council sees for the development of relationships between the public and private sector. We are all aware of the business focus magazines in Antigua and Barbuda and in Saint Lucia. I can tell you that there are many businesses which will open this document and go through it from front to back whenever a new issue is sent out because it provides vital information on the markets, your competition and on opportunities. Now this new iteration of the magazine provides a wider scope,” said Gordon Charles, who chairs the OECS Business Council, which plays a significant editorial role in the OECS Business Focus magazine.

The magazine carries a QR code on its front page and it also complements the distribution of business development information on the OECS via Twitter, Facebook and its associated website, providing background documentation and access to statistical sources for business persons wanting greater access.

The OECS Business Focus magazine was launched via a virtual platform which engaged the participation of the corporate sector and media from throughout the region. Within the context of promoting consumer and investor opportunities within the OECS economic space, the magazine’s first edition also parades a feature on business development strategies for small business; offering tips in areas such as getting close to the customer, collaborating with key partners and understanding the market.

OECS director general Dr Didacus Jules said the OECS Commission intends to make the OECS Business Focus magazine the central mechanism for the dissemination of business intelligence on and for the OECS.

“In today’s brutally competitive global business environment, the rapid dissemination, the free and easy access to information and ideas is an often decisive factor in succeeding or failing. Today the race is – contrary to popular belief – not just for he who endures to the end but for the nimble and the swiftest,” Jules said.

The first edition of the magazine also contains a special feature on St Kitts and Nevis. Advanced technological approaches are also highlighted, such as the use of drone surveillance to help speedup network and connectivity restoration following hurricanes and other disasters.

The closing section of the newly launched magazine includes a page on major moves within the OECS Commission and across the OECS business environment as well as special dates for OECS events.

“As a Caribbean person… It has been my dream to produce Caribbean Business Focus. I guess the OECS Business Focus is a step towards that reality… I think what we are going to deliver across the region is going to impact significantly on trade, investment and development. It is meant to serve as a catalyst for opportunities available… the possibilities are limitless for us to explore and exploit,” said Lokesh Singh, publisher of the OECS Business Focus magazine.

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