OECS National Statistics Offices to benefit from Capacity Building in Household Survey Methods

Sean Curtis Mathurin

OECS Secretariat, Castries, St. Lucia, April 12th 2012 — The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Secretariat will convene an OECS training workshop in St. Lucia, on Household Survey Methods, from 16th – 20th April, 2012.

Staff of National Statistics Offices in OECS countries, are among those expected to significantly benefit from the five day training exercise on building capacity in Household Survey Methods.

The primary purpose of the training will be to complement and supplement material covered in an E-Learning course on Household Survey Methods, which would have been completed by staff of OECS Statistics offices ahead of the workshop.

This activity, part of an ongoing World Bank supported Technical Assistance project, has the medium term objectives of:
A. Enabling OECS countries to produce a harmonized regional household survey, representative at the national level, at regular intervals, in accordance with international best quality standards; and

B. Promoting analysis of poverty and inequality based on the resulting data, at regular intervals that are relevant to policy formulation and that reflect strong country ownership.

Sean Curtis Mathurin at the OECS Secretariats says over twenty-five (25) participants will receive additional training on the different phases of the organization and implementation of multi-topic household surveys: “This training activity is the first in a series planned to culminate in a harmonised approach to the regular collection, documentation and dissemination of household survey data in OECS Member States.”

Mathurin projects that the training and follow up sessions will enhance the institutional capacity of National Statistical Offices in OECS countries to conduct household surveys and to produce indicators on the evolution of poverty and inequality in the OECS region.

The initiative will also be targeted at enhancing the capacity of other government agencies in OECS countries to produce Poverty Assessments or similar analytical products.

The OECS training workshop on Household Survey Methods is being supported with a grant funding from the World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building and UNICEF.

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