Officers of the Delta Squad recover a Firearm in Nevis

Commissioner Walwyn
Glock Pistol File Photo

ZIZ News…April 21 2012 — A stop and search operation in Nevis by the Delta Squad resulted in a young man found carrying a firearm on a road in Cotton Ground.

A search of Daish James of Westbury Nevis on Friday April 20 turned up one Glock 22 pistol along with nine rounds of Hallow point live ammunition.

According to a Police Release, formal charges for the offences of Possession of Firearm and Possession of Ammunition were laid against him and the Comptroller of Customs has been contacted where follow up procedures will taken by the Customs and Excise Enforcement Agency.

Commissioner Walwyn has already authorized the commencement of Ballistic Analysis on this firearm by local officials and also by international partners.

The release from the Press and Public relations Officer Sgt. Stephen Hector states that the fight against firearms and all transnational crime requires the continued support of the General Public, saying they are pleased with the support given by cooperate partners and that of each person of the general public.

He hastened to remind the public that new logistical measures have been employed so as to further enhance the safety and security of the Federation which may on occasions appear not to be extremely comforting to the ordinary civic minded individual; though this may be the case we crave your continued support as we strive to take back our streets and maintain our national pride in our celebrations of the upcoming holidays, Music Festival and Culturama in the next three months.

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