Official Election Results to be Announced Shortly

WingroveGeorge-2ZIZ News — Voters will soon know the official results of Monday’s elections as the Supervisor of Elections Wingrove George says he will reveal the results by midday today [Tuesday].

Earlier today, George provided an update on the elections. He was speaking with ZIZ Radio’s G-cue.

“I am able to report that yes, we have had some preliminary results but a lot of the results are being contested and challenged and so, it will not be fair to who is challenging the results for me to make a formal and official announcement on those results however, we are going through the process, the correct process that we have to go through,” he explained.

Supervisor George also called on members of the electorate to remain calm as he and his team seek to provide accurate election results.

“I will say to the people to be calm and understand that there are certain processes to go through. We always hear the saying ‘hurry dog eat raw corn’ and we don’t want to hurriedly make decisions and determinations that we can’t recall,” George said.

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