Officials In St. Kitts Focus On Harnessing The Potential Of Local Tourism

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 02, 2021 (SKNIS): It is no secret that COVID-19 has seriously impacted the travel and tourism sectors globally. It is for this reason and more why officials within the Ministry of Tourism in St. Kitts are focused on harnessing the potential of local tourism to get citizens to appreciate what they have here in the Federation.

This was according to Kenney Manning, Sustainable Tourism Coordinator, during his appearance on “Working for You” on June 02 where he discussed the purpose of sustainable tourism, especially in relation to COVID-19 recovery.

Mr. Manning reflected on a popular saying used by locals “I live where you vacation” and noted that locals need to see the island as a vacation destination and enjoy the many wonders the country has to offer.

“I don’t think enough of us really embrace that. I have had conversations with persons, and they are not aware of the rich history that we have right here. These are the things that we do when we travel… Jet Ski, rock climbing, zip-lining, and you can do it right here,” said Mr. Manning. “But again, sometimes we don’t value what we have, and we don’t really get the chance to look at what we have.”

Equally important, Mr. Manning said that the Ministry of Tourism is working to ensure that beaches are pristine as locals enjoy visiting these areas for recreational purposes and to exercise.

“Even within the Ministry, we still have to look at the sand and sea because that is still an attraction. Right now, the Ministry is working on a Beach Rehabilitation Project at Frigate Bay, as well as upgrades to the Strip,” he said, adding that the aim is to reclaim the area’s reputation as a hotspot for fun, entertainment, and excitement. “So right now, we are looking at refurbishing the beach.”

He noted that the Sustainable Development Council (SDC) caters to everyone, not just tourists, adding that local tourism is constantly growing. SDC serves as an advisory council for the Ministry of Tourism to increase opportunities for locals and tourists to act as destination stewards.

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