Old Road Bay Rehabilitation Progressing Smoothly

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 02, 2019 (SKNIS): Construction work on the Old Road Bay Rehabilitation Project is progressing smoothly with land reclamation from the sea already taking place.

Local company Rock and Dirt Ltd. is carrying out the comprehensive project that will result in a new 1.2 kilometre stretch of road being built. The design has a number of safety features to mitigate against falling rocks from the hillside and damage from the sea, which have both been known to occur especially during inclement weather.

The new road will be extended on the reclaimed land and be approximately 24 feet apart from the existing road. It will also be elevated some 15 feet above the current road and have guard rails on both sides. The seaside protection will include strong rock armouring featuring large 10 and 20 tonne boulders. The rock design is similar to the protection at Port Zante – the main port for cruise ships in St. Kitts.

Engineer at the Public Works Department, George Gilbert, stated that the project was estimated to cost $31.8 million and be completed in one year barring any major weather disturbances.

When completed, Mr. Gilbert said “We will have a safer road; we will have a more sustainable road so [that] whenever we have a hurricane we should not get damage from sea swells. Whenever we have rock falls and erosion they would not affect this road so then the motorists, the general public will have a safer road to travel on …”

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