Old Road Daycare Open Day Steams Ahead

Basseterre: St. Kitts, Monday, April 24, 2023:​ Teaching and learning was transformed on Friday, April 21 at the Old Road Day Care Centre during its open day activity held under the theme Full Steam Ahead. 

This significant activity as explained by Ms. Travia Tyson, Supervisor afforded parents and guardians the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the learning activities students of the centre engage in.

“We are having a mini-showcase of S.T.E.A.M. activities that are done in the classroom – activities that the children engage in daily. The Purpose of this STEAM Fair or open day is to help to highlight what the children do, their ability to present themselves, their ability to express themselves and to also gain knowledge and share that knowledge with others”.

In response to the question posed about parental involvement in preparing the children for the Open Day, Ms. Tyson communicated, “We did not send the activities outside [home] because we want the parents to visit the centre and see their children in action. These activities that will be featured are activities that were done in the classroom”. 

Commenting on the parallel between the centre’s open day theme and the upcoming child month theme which states Empowering our Students through STEAM Education, Ms. Tyson shared “It gives me some hope and excitement that it’s neither the school nor I who are interested in preparing our children for the future. As we know STEAM activities help to develop children’s brains, and their memory and also provide opportunities for many inductive reasoning and discovery learning. I’m very excited to know that during Child Month we will be further exploring STEAM activities.” 

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