Old Road eldest woman and man honored in grand style

ZIZ News…Oct 21, 2010 – Hundreds of people from Old Road and its surrounding villages, showed up at the Verchilds playfield on Sunday 17th October, to honor the two Eldest persons in Old road on Sunday 17th October. The two honored were Miss Henrietta “Miss Henny” Julius who made 100 years in April of this year and Mr. Geaorge “Geaorgie” Wigley, who made 90 years old on the 30th of September.

This special event was organised by the newly -formed community group, C.U.E.T (Community Enhancement Upliftment Team). The event began with a formal ceremony that featured some of the best young singers, and dancers in the community, plus a special performance of “Start Counting Your Blessings” dedicated to Mr Wigley and Miss Julius by Masud Sadiki. The Master of Ceremonies Mrs. Carleen Agard Delaney did an excellent job in running the programme smoothly.

During the ceremony two documentary videos, that featured testimonies from family, friends and well wishers of the honorees, were shown on large a screen television. Persons featured on the video documentary spoke highly of the honorees and of their significant contribution to the community.

Mr. Wigley was a very popular fisherman, and influential musician in the community. He played steelpan with a group called Brute Force from Old Road. He also played guitar and quartro in a folklore group that played “nearga business” during the carnival season. He has always been a kind and friendly person to all. He has been married to his wife Marguerette for over fifty years.

Miss Julius, at 100 years old can still thread a needle, wash and cook her own food. She has a very peaceful and contented spirit. She gave birth to and raised an only child, a son and also mothered many children from the community. Family members say that she has always been the one to keep the family together. She looks so vibrant and youthful at 100, and that makes her a great source of inspiration to all who meet her. She is a real role model and great source of inspiration for all.

C.U.E.T’s President Mr. Marcello Agard told the community that CUET was formed to inspire community spirit and togetherness and to uplift the community through various programs and activities. He also spoke about the importance of honoring our Elders. During the ceremony everyone could see the pride and appreciation on faces of the Honorees.

After the presentation of plaques to the Honorees, the crowd was treated with a very exciting line up of singers from the community. Some of the performers who were all backed by Lava Ground Sound were, Sweet Voices, Trebla, Askenaz, Natural, and Emotional. To put the icing on the cake patrons got a sweet dose of live musical entertainment from the “Sweetest band in the world” Small Axe. The crowd jammed, jumped and waved in true community spirit.

C.U.E.T (Community Enhancement Upliftment Team) was formed after its members participated in a sixteen (16) week capacity building course, organized by BNTF (Basic Needs Trust Fund) and the Department of Community and Social Affairs. CUET serves the community from Challengers to New Guinea.To date C.U.E.T have organized computer classes for primary school students ,Computer lessons for small business persons and skilled persons in the community, party for the Verchilds High School Athletics Team and Cheer Leaders, and most recently a community clean up on Saturday 16th October.

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