One charge for Shante Caxton’s Murder

Reece Walters
Reece Walters

Shante Claxton

(ZIZ News) — Officers of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force have made significant progress in the investigation of Shante Claxton’s murder.

Twenty-one year old Reece Walters of Jessups Village, Nevis has been arrested and charged for the murder of the 15 year old. Walters is also charged with attempted carnal knowledge.

In a press release, the Police said Walters admitted to meeting the deceased with the intention of engaging in sexual activity but made no further comments after he was officially charged.

Commissioner of Police, Dr. Celvin Walwyn thanked the Nevisian community for providing the information which lead to a suspect being identified.

Shante Claxton was found dead on the premises of the St. Thomas’ Primary School on Saturday September 6th.

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