Open Day Get Thumbs Up

ZIZ News…29th April, 2013 — The Department of Agriculture’s 20th Annual Open Day ended on Friday 26th April, 2013 with much excitement from patrons and booth operators.

The two-day period gave small entrepreneurs a chance to showcase some of their unique products.

As it has been for over the last 20 years, the Department of Agriculture Open Day events gives farmers, fishers, cooperatives and others associated with the agriculture industry the opportunity to display and sell their products to hundreds of persons.

But over the last few years, more and more residents are using the open day to showcase their creativity and ability to compete with larger international distributors.

For instance, Lion Of Judah Herbal Remedies is selling a wide range of herbal drinks made from ingredients grown right here in St. Kitts.

The event was sponsored by the telecommunication company LIME.

The company’s country manager, David Lake is encouraging other business and persons to continue working the country’s farmers and fishers.

Prime Minister, the right Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas also visited a number of booths at the open day and he too was very impressed with the agricultural display.

He says this is one event he looks forward to every year.

There were a number of major attractions at the open day including the agro-tourism demonstration farm which displayed a wide range of produce and herbal plants. Visitors to that booth were also treated to samples of a wide range of fruits including cantaloupes, watermelons and wax apples.

Another major attraction was the animal displays which featured goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and hens…but of the students were patiently waiting their turn to go horseback riding.

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