Operation Future Community Meetings

LaustonPercival-1(ZIZ News) — The police-based community outreach group, Operation Future will be hosting a series of community meeting targeting parents, guardians, and other persons responsible for children.

According to founder of Operation Future, Lauston Percival, they are concerned about the sudden increase of fights in schools and their appearance on social media.

“The community meetings are basically geared towards educating and sensitizing persons on youth crime and violence, especially in the school because we have seen an upsurge in school violence. So we in Operation Future prefer to take the proactive measure rather than reactive,” he said.

He said children usually act out because they do not know how to deal with the problems they face every day. .

“We realize that children, they have problems and they are addressing their problems by themselves and when you see that start to happen it’s not a good result. So we are going to do that. Take the proactive stance,” he said.

Percival said through the sessions he hopes to help parents and guardians teach their children to address their issues without resorting to violence.

The community meetings begin on Thursday, April 9 at the St. Johnson’s Village Community Centre at 7pm.

Percival says they plan to continue the meetings throughout the year.

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