Operation Future Peace Concert set for June 23rd at the Villa Grounds, Charlestown, Nevis

Operation Future Peace Concert at Independence Square

ZIZ News…June 20 2012 — The feedback following Operation Future’s Peace Concert on June 2nd, at Independence Square received by members of Operation Future was tremendously supportive and positive. We were also told that we had to reach more people; that the event has to be repeated in the country and in Nevis.

This is a difficult event to put on; it requires a lot of time and dedication not only from members of Operation Future but also from the artist and performers.

However, the members of Operation Future were overwhelmed by the way the concert was received and agree it has to be done again to broaden the exposure. As such we have decided to host the event again on June 23rd this time in Nevis.

The Nevis Island Administration has given Operation Future permission to utilize the Villa Grounds, located just below the Charlestown Secondary School on June 23rd from 4 pm to 10 pm. Again the Peace Concert will be accompanied by the Memorial.

Our artistic community has again answered the call in spectacular fashion, we are sure you will be impressed and hope you come out to support these outstanding artist and let them know you appreciate their efforts to bring peace back to our nation.

The memorial will be established as in the previous Peace Concert, unfortunately, it has expanded by two crosses, highlighting the urgency of this issue. We again would invite all family and friends to attend and to place mementos, to grieve, to remember, to come together as a nation to try and bring an end to the violence. The microphone will be controlled by the mc’s on this occasion Operation Future’s own Lauston Percival and Tony Fredericks, other than the artist the only others welcome to the microphones are family members of lost loved ones who wish to make a plea to the youth to lay down their guns and put an end to the violence.

We are working on arranging late transportation back from Nevis so all can enjoy the entire day.

If you are in St Kitts and you have questions, or you wish to participate please call Operation Future’s President Lauston Percival at 668 0856, if you are in Nevis and have questions or wish to participate please call Dan at 469 7040 0r 763 9888.

Again, all are welcome, including vendors, admission is free the goal is to build harmony in our country and bring an end to the violence.

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