Operation Future Program for ‘At Risk Youth’ underway

ZIZ News…March 18, 2013 — Operation Future is pleased to announce that their secondary school program “Back Against the Wall” is underway at Gingerland Secondary School . The program is a 10 week program targeted at “at risk youth” as identified by the counseling department of the school. The weekly sessions have two components, the first is a classroom session where issues around youth, crime and violence are discussed followed up by discussions around anger management. The goal is to raise awareness amongst the youth about the consequences of participating in a negative lifestyle, to understand the importance of self-esteem, reality of drugs and the impact poor decisions can make on their lives. The classroom sessions are facilitated by members of Operation Future including inmates from Her Majesty’s Prison who talk to the youth about the horrific consequences poor decisions have made in their lives, and the impact these poor decisions have not only had on their lives but also the lives of their families and the greater community.

The second component is the field trip which takes place each Saturday, field trips all have a purpose from raising self-esteem and the importance of choosing the right path such as climbing Mount Liamuiga, to the consequences of making poor choices, visit to Her Majesty’s Prison, to teaching social responsibility, beach and road clean ups.

Saturday, March 16th the youth participated in a field trip intended to raise their conscience regarding the environment and their social responsibility, in essence what is taught is respect begins with respecting yourself and all around you, including your environment. The youth picked up litter from the turn off to the Cottle Church to the base of Hurricane Cove, a number of bags of garbage were collected including old tires and inner tubes.

Following the hard work the youth were rewarded with a beach party and barbeque at Lover’s Beach.

Operation Future wishes to extend congratulations to these youth for a job well done. Particular thanks went out to the faculty members of Gingerland Secondary School for giving up their Saturday to assist with the youth. It is a credit to the school to see the dedication of these teachers and counselors.

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