Opposition wants update on Tablets in Schools plan

DrAndrewWheatleyAKingston, Jamaica — The Opposition wants an update on the initiative to incorporate the use of computer tables in public schools.

The request was included in questions tabled by the Opposition’s spokesman on Information Technology, Digital Society Development and the Environment, Dr Andrew Wheatley (South Central St Catherine), on Tuesday at Gordon House.

Dr Wheatley also wants to know: what will be the nominal cost of the tablets to the students?; the cost of enabling the schools with wireless internet; when will the report on E-learning become available?; and the procurement procedure used in obtaining the tablets.

The government says it plans to spend $1.5 billion on the pilot phase of the tablets programme, which should start with 25,000 tablets in 39 schools in September.

Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Minister, Phillip Paulwell, says that the tablets will come preloaded with age-appropriate applications and games, approved textbooks and software for students up to grade 12, and will be used in pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, as well as at the teacher education training colleges.

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