Order announced for Calypso Monarch competition: Two rounds – Two orders

Reigning Calypso Monarch, King Socrates

ZIZ NEWSROOM, (DECEMBER 24TH, 2010, BASSETERRE, ST.KITTS) – As the countdown to the Calypso Monarch competition continues the finalists have chosen their numbers to determine the order they’ll be singing on the night of the show.

During a press conference this morning, Chairman of the National Carnival Committee, Clement O’Garro said there’s a new twist this year.

The calypsonians will be pulling separate numbers for each round.

For round 1 the order of calypsonians is: Stitch In Time, Mighty Kinta, I-Soursop, Astro, Singing Jackie, Socrates, Anastasia, and Pungwah.

For round two its: Pungwah going first, followed by Socrates, Mighty Kinta, Stitch In Time, Anastasia, Astro, I-Soursop, and Singing Jackie.

The competition takes place on Wednesday 29th December at 8pm at the Sugar Mill in Warner Park.

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