OTI invites international bar services consultant to train bartenders

(ZIZ News) — The Ocean Terrace Inn has invited an international Bar Services Consultant to train bartenders from various hospitality establishments around the Federation.

12 participants have been learning new skills as the bartending workshop continues.

ZIZ spoke with The General Manager of the Ocean Terrace Inn, Chris Ghita who said the company partnered with Fling Bar Services to help local bartenders sharpen their skills.

“Recognizing the importance role that bartenders play in the operation, we’ve decided to partner with the Fling Bartender Institute from the UK to more or less develop the skill set of our bartenders. In so doing, we are trying to help better afford them with the product knowledge, the ability to serve alcoholic beverage responsibly, presentation and techniques and those are critical skills for having the title of a bartender”, Ghita said.

He said the training is not limited to bartenders at OTI.

“We have other participants from the Federation. We have representation from Nevis, The Royal St. Kitts Hotel, Boozy’s Bar and there are a few other participants in the classroom or in the training. It’s not just the OTI employees but developing the skill sets of our bartenders throughout the Federation’, the General Manager explained.

UK Based Fling Bar Services Consultant, John Collingwood explained that he wanted the bartenders to develop good habits that would improve the guests’ experience.

“I’m here to impart my knowledge and passion for the drinks industry so that they can deliver a far better experience to the wonderful guests that come to the hotel. What I am trying to give to the bar tenders that are here are good habits. Habits and knowledge that they will continue to use for the rest of their career because the wonderful thing about drinks is that you can make a Daiquiri in St. Kitts but you can also make a Daiquiri anywhere in the world and that’s what I want them to be able to do”, Collingwood explained.

Collingwood said knowledge learnt from working with numerous countries will help the trainees in St. Kitts.

“I have been very fortunate and worked for Fling for over 4 years and this is my 42nd contract and I am up to about 22 different countries. I have been everywhere from Istanbul to Hong Kong to extensively over the Middle East and it is great because all of the knowledge I have learnt there I can pass on to the people and the bartenders here”, the Fling Bar Consultant added.

The Bartending course consists of classroom sessions and practical sessions at the Fisherman’s Wharf over a 3 day period.

Trainees will get hands-on lessons about the making and tasting of Drinks, flavour balancing and other bartending techniques.

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