OTI Staff Appreciation Day

(ZIZ News) — Management of the Ocean Terrace Inn was given the opportunity to serve staff members as part of a family appreciation celebration on Saturday held at the Fisherman’s Wharf.

The fun day gave family members a chance to interact with the co-workers and supervisors of their loved ones and participate in a number of sporting actives and games.

General Manager of the Ocean Terrace Inn, Chris Ghita told ZIZ of the aim of the fun day.

”It’s one of the relationships that we want to continue to foster with not only our employees but with their families because they spend half their lives or half the day here at the Ocean Terrace Inn and it’s an opportunity for them to have a better understanding and appreciation in the times when they don’t see them that much but they do understand that they’re here and they play a significant contribution to the growth and development in not only St. Kitts but to the Ocean Terrace Inn,” he said.

This is the first OTI Staff Appreciation Day and is expected to be an annual event on the hotel’s calendar.

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