Over 200 turn up to raise funds for local vet clinic

All smiles. Nevis Prospect Veterinary Clinic staff, Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Patricia Bartlette, Barbara Morton and T-Shell Sutton at the ARK’s fundraiser, “A Taste of Nevis Jump Up.”

Article Courtesy, ARK/TheNevis Humane Society

CHARLESTOWN,Nevis,February24,2013–The local Prospect Veterinary Clinic will undoubtedly receive the much-needed diagnostic and surgery equipment following a successful fun-packed fundraiser dubbed “A Taste of Nevis Jump Up” hosted by ARK/The Nevis Humane Society, on Thursday night at Chrishi Beach Bar Restaurant at Cades Bay.

Over two hundred well-wishers, among them visitors to Nevis, patronized the event. A live band, “Jack and the Rippers” and fancy appetizers added flavor to the well-attended fundraiser.

Bonnie Berlinghof, President, ARK/The Nevis Humane Society told guests that the equipment will enable the Clinic to diagnose and treat a broad range of symptoms and medical conditions for all kinds of animals.

“Many of you have had to face the considerable expense and anxiety of rushing a beloved sick pet or injured animal to Ross University in St. Kitts, because our Clinic does not have an x-ray or ultrasound machine, nor can the Clinic do blood work analysis or other complex diagnostic procedures which save precious time and money in determining the best treatment for your pet,” the President said.

The “A taste of Nevis Jump Up” is an event that will remain memorable in the minds of many. An Argentine dance, Tango, performed by Rosie Borg-Yearwood, whose dancing styles are unequalled, and Claudio Cortes, a Professor, Medical University of the Americas (MUA) from Chile sizzled the patrons shortly before the live band began to play.

Patrons of all ages, all backgrounds and races danced to the music of the celebrated multinational Jack & the Rippers band of Oualie fame, fronted by Per Lindfors and Jack Kartush with members of their respective bands in Ireland and the USA, as well as local musiciansSnowflakeand LivvyLiburd.

The accomplished musicians got everyone up and dancing: Snowflake was on the drums; Per Lindfors – bass & rhythm guitar; Jack Kartush – lead guitar; Mark Burnett – rhythm & lead guitar; LivvyLiburd – bass guitar; Mick McGuire – bass & rhythm guitar.

Jack & the Rippers band playing at the ARK’s fundraiser. “A Taste of Nevis Jump Up”

Bonnie said the event was made possible through the generosity of Hedda and Christian Wienpahlwho donated the use of their popular Chrishi Beach Club Restaurant as the perfect venue for the event.

In addition, a wide variety of tasty and beautifully presented appetizers were generously provided by the owners and chefs of the following Plantation Inns, Hotels and Restaurants:

Bananas Bistro, Coconut Grove, Double Deuce, Four Seasons, Golden Rock Inn, The Hermitage, Lime Restaurant, Montpelier Plantation, Mount Nevis Hotel, Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill (famous Killer Bees), The Nevis Bakery, Ole House Café, Yachtsman’s Grill, Young’s Chinese Restaurant.

Thanks are also given to Woodrow Bryant, Architect, and Sandy Littlepagewho provided graphicsand prints of the large display chart of “Equipment for the Clinic”.

Many who turned up for the event were delighted to see Miss June Mestiertake time off her busy schedule. She donated tablecloths,OlgaTroubetzkoy provided computer graphics for charts, posters, invitations, while Oualie Beach Hotel loaned their sound system.

Volunteers David Johnson (Bartender), Beeman (parking and set up), Dorothy Muroff, Diane Hallstrom, Maureen Ferg, Lynne& Gordon Hubbard, Paula Fisk,April Bowen, Lynne Dexter, Carol Lynford,, Jackie Parisi, Sylvia & Erik Rule, and Curtis Perkins worked tirelessly.

The Nevis Humane Society is a non-profit organisation of volunteers which works on behalf of the protection and welfare of all animals on the island of Nevis.

Founded in October 1998, the Society raises funds to provide medical and nutritional assistance to injured, abandoned, orphaned and sick animals (dogs, cats, goats, sheep, donkeys, horses and cows). ARK also undertakes the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs (feral and domestic). These services are provided free of charge to all residents of Nevis who are in financial need. They also seek foster care or adoptions for “restored to health” abandoned dogs and cats and stress the importance of and educate the public in regard to the need for immunization of dogs and cats on a yearly basis against several local and highly contagious diseases. They have an ARK booth at the yearly Agricultural Fair and distribute printed information and advocacy leaflets among school children of all ages on the proper treatment and care of animals and domestic pets.

The society works in cooperation with government officials to advocate for and enforce existing animal welfare laws and to advance community awareness of animal issues, such as overpopulation of unwanted puppies and kittens; poisoning, drowning and neglect of puppies and kittens, and the cruelty to dogs aggressively trained to fight other dogs.

ARK’s most recent goal is to upgrade and expand the diagnostic and surgery capacity and facilities of the local Prospect Veterinary through the purchase of much-need equipment.

If you would like to volunteer your services to help ARK or to become a Member, please call: Tel- 762-4357 (762-HELP). Or if you would like to make a donation, make your check out to ARK, The Nevis Humane Society and send it to:

The Nevis Humane Society, PO Box, 350, Charlestown, Nevis, W.I.

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