Overseas Racers Perform Credibly

DragRacingFilePhoto(Sports Page)— The WINFES’ Invasion race meet held at the St. James’ Raceway on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June, attracted a sizeable crowd on both days.

The overseas competitors had their day in the sun and dominated most of the classes.

However, Gavin Clarke maintained his dominance in the OUTLAW class, much to the delight of the local fans.

The overall results were:

14 Seconds Class:
Winner: Samuel Matthew (Nevis)
2nd Place: Fredrick Parris (Nevis)

13 Second Class:
Winner: Kwesi Ryan (Montserrat)
2nd Place: OJ (Anguilla)

12 Second Class:
Winner: Rodney Brown (Montserrat)
2nd Place: Regiwell Francis (St. Kitts)

11 Seconds Class:
Winner: Dwayne DeCosta (St. kitts)
2nd place: Terrod Chalmers (Anguilla)

1O Seconds:
Winner: Renee Edwards (Antigua)
2nd Place: Joseph Woods (Anguilla)

Open Class:
Winner: Mark De Silva (Antigua)
Kobie Paul (St. Marrten)

Outlaw Class:
Winner: Gavin Clark (Nevis)
2nd place: Roger Blanchard (Anguilla)

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