P.E.P. Employees and Weekly-paid Civil Servants to get Quadruple Salary Payment

(ZIZ News) — Employees within the People’s Empowerment Programme [PEP] and weekly-paid civil servants will, this week, receive a quadruple wage payment.

This was revealed on Friday during Prime Minister Douglas’ budget rebuttal in the National Assembly.

Dr. Douglas said it is important for persons who are employed as part of P.E.P. to be paid early so that they can capitalise on the final Value Added Tax-reduced day this Friday.

“Those persons who are engaged in the P.E.P. as trainees, they would be paid early as well and we’re not going to give them two weeks salary as they expect, but four weeks salary as I believe is the right thing to do so even though they are weekly paid, they would be getting four weeks salary so that they can be topped up properly and enjoy a nice Christmas as others are enjoying,” he said.

Dr. Douglas went on to make it clear that his statement included weekly paid civil servants.

“I just want to make it clear that all of our public servants who are weekly paid workers, they will be paid on Thursday, early, so that they can make their shopping with the VAT-reduced rate that we have and they would be paid, not two weeks as a double but they would be paid four weeks because we believe this is the right thing that we should do. We should make sure that we spread it out so that we could benefit to a large extent from the improvement we’ve had regarding the economic and financial situation here in St. Kitts and Nevis,” Dr. Douglas said.

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