PAM’s labour weekend activities a success

ZIZ News — The People’s Action Movement has described its recent Labour Day activities as successful.

That is according to PAM candidate for Constituency #2, Jonel Powell who spoke with ZIZ news at Sunday’s family gathering.

According to Powell, a number of activities were staged between Thursday 1st and Monday 5th May to foster a sense of community spirit and cohesion.

“I believe they were all successful,” he said.    “I believe they were all able to help us achieve the points that we wanted to make. We were able to reach out to a lot of the young people in the home grown festival, in the home grown show. We were able to introduce a lot of people to Mr. Condor’s new constituency office and get that support going and get that structure up in place.”

“The whistle stop that was had, I believe that was also successful,” he added.   “It was really to get people out and get people a part of something. And as for today, today has gone exceptionally well. We’ve been here since early morning with breakfast. There are some Labour shirts in here and they seem to be having a good time as well and that is exactly what we’re trying to achieve.”

When asked to comment on the way forward for Team Unity and the People’s Action Movement, Powell said there were several big events being planned.

“Well we, in terms of the People’s Action Movement aspect of it, we are coming up on our 49th Annual Caucus And Convention where we elect a new executive with the exception of the political leader and then the convention, our 49th we’re we are going to have everybody come up and participate and big up the party,” he said.

“In terms of Team Unity, we have begun a series of town hall meetings which started in East Basseterre last week. We continue again in West Basseterre and we’re going to hit every constituency over the next seven weeks,” Powell added.

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