Pan in Splendour Continues at the St. Johnson Community Centre

(ZIZ News) – As the Department of Culture’s “Pan in Splendour” 2015 continues, adults are being given the opportunity to learn to play the steel pan.

Adult Class Participant, Sonia Boddie said it is her hope that the ministry will consider making “Pan in Splendour” an annual event.

She said, “It has been an absolutely amazing experience. The comradery is excellent, the networking is just great and it has really given me the opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do since I was a child and I was very delighted when I saw the announcement for “Pan in Splendour” 2015. I trust that this is an initiative the Ministry of Culture would continue to put on every year because as we see, the class was over- subscribed and there are lots of persons who have demonstrated that are seriously interested in ensuring that pan stays alive in St. Kitts and Nevis,” Boddie noted.

Another participant, Kayla Farrell, took the opportunity to invite the public to join the participants of “Pan in Splendour” as they host a concert at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to showcase what has been learned.

“So we are able to have a wonderful time here and they not only expose us to pan music, but they also speak about the different types of music so we are having a wonderful time here and I encourage you to come on out on August 7th at our “Pan in Splendour” Concert at Central Bank,” Farrell said.

Under the direction of Melvin Hewlett and Nigel Williams, “Pan in Splendour” is a month-long activity which caters to both children and adults.

It wraps up on August 7th.

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