Pandemic Opportunity For Govt. To Capture Private Home Rentals In Bahamas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS June 23rd 2020 (EyeWitness News) — The country’s “Clean and Pristine”certification program presents a perfect opportunity for the government to finally capture all of the private home rentals that have been operating for long time, according to an out island boutique resort operator.

The certification program will be implemented across hotels, restaurants and other consumer-facing tourism entities and touch points.

Edwin Mulford, owner of Cat Island’s Pigeon Cay Beach Club, said: “There are some steps to take in the application process and then a physical inspection. This is a golden opportunity for tourism and other entities implementing this to capture finally all of the current private home rentals in The Bahamas by requiring them to have this certificate prior to being able to take guests and taking it one step further-requiring them to get a business licence with associated fee based on number of bedrooms.”

Mulford contended that government is missing out on significant tax revenues related to vacation rentals, given that payments to landlords — locals and foreign — are frequently made outside The Bahamas via the Internet, never touching this nation.

Mulford added: “I do not think that a proper nation wide notification announcement has been made in order to get all to step up to the plate finally. In regards to the requirement of obtaining a business licence, it is the law where all businesses in The Bahamas must have a business license to operate, and private home rentals are in fact a business. Therefore no legislation is needed, just implementation.”

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