Park Hyatt Commended for Creating Jobs in St. Kitts

LindsayGrant-3(ZIZ News) – The Minister of Tourism has extended words of commendation to the owners of Park Hyatt St. Kitts for delivering on their promise of establishing a five star hotel here.

The Hon. Lindsay Grant added that he is more pleased to see the number of locals being employed as a result of this development.

He said, “It augers well for our tourism product, more particularly, the tremendous amount of opportunities that would become available to our people. Right now we have about 120 persons; locals; working here and the vision is we are looking at 350-400 local people. So a tremendous amount of opportunities for our locals and we welcome, if they are meeting their target, to have a brand new five-star hotel within the next eleven months.”

Minister Grant was speaking to the media during a recent visit to Park Hyatt construction site.

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has pledged to give its full support to Park Hyatt, as they look to advance the islands as a premiere tourist destination.

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